Student / Instructor Research Projects

The Mind Project is committed to placing "research" at the center of instruction in the cognitive and learning sciences. In our Curriculum section, many of the modules give hands-on experience with a variety of different research methodologies. In this part of the website, we have a variety of student / instructor research projects where students do virtually all of the reseach with teachers or faculty serving as advisors.

The projects that we support stretch students' intellectual abilities and require both initiative and hard work. In most cases, the research project produces something of significance (ai software, research data, robots, etc.) that will help teach students of all ages about the scientific study of the mind and brain and the social and cultural issues arising from those studies. Explore our projects below and consider starting your own project.


Active Research Projects

Students and faculty from Illinois, USA and Lisbon, Portugal, are actively researching AI and robotics. Come and explore our "works in progress"!

  • ProtoThinker

    ProtoThinker (or "PT" for short) is a wonderful piece of software that was written by John Barker at Southern Illinois University in Edwardsville as a teaching tool for use in the classroom. There is far more to the program than could possibly be explained in these web pages, so we encourage you to explore the program on your own (you can download the program and the source code) and to discover the various ways that we are using PT -- as the language and logic center of our artificial persons (like "Iris") and to help raise questions about the nature of the human mind.

  • Iris Mobile Robot

    One of our current projects is the Iris.5 mobile Robot project. This is the latest venture in a long line of Iris robot projects. The Iris robots are a series of mobile robots that learn from and interact with their environment. Come check out our progress!

Past / Future Research Projects

We wrapped up a handful of research projects, and put a few more on ice, but you may find that the output of these projects is still quite interesting.

  • Complete / Inactive Projects

    Over the years, many Mind Project research projects have been started, investigated, and completed, while a few have been put on hold. To pick up where others left off, or just to learn more about these efforts, visit the Complete & Inactive Projects page.

  • Project Proposals

    No great idea should go to waste - that's why we're making a home for all sorts of Cog Sci-related research proposals, whether they originate from students, faculty, researchers, or enthusiasts. Review our proposals, and see if you're interested in working on one.