Introduction to Robotics

David L. Anderson: Author
Jeremy Gottlieb: Author
The Mind Project's Comprehensive Robot Module

Introduction to Robotics: Featuring "Virtual Robotics Labs" w/ special emphasis on "Medical Robots"

This module is really several modules in one. It gives an extensive introduction to robotics assuming no previous knowledge of the subject. This introduction includes explanations, pictures, videos as well as three complete virtual robotics labs where the user creates, programs and tests virtual versions of real robots. Second, this module introduces the exciting new field of robotics in medicine -- showing some of the ways that robots are contributing to the advancement of medical research and therapies. Finally, The Mind Project has developed inexpensive physical robots for use in the classroom which give real-life experience with robots. For those who want to build physical robots, we are happy to share all of our designs with you. Simply contact David Anderson: dlandersATilstu.edu

I. Introduction to Robotics

A. Robots: In the Beginning

B. Kinds of Robots

C. Parts of a Robot


II. Virtual Robotics Labs

A. Classic ("Top-Down") Robotics

B. Behavior-Based ("Bottom-Up") Robotics

C. Is the Human Control System "Top-Down" or "Bottom-Up"?


III. Physical Robots

The Mind Project has worked with other robot developers and designed two physical robots for use in the classroom that complement the online curriculum and the virtual robotics labs found in sections I.- II. above. While we are not able to offer support for these physical robots we do think it is helpful to see what hight school and undergraduate students have built and programmed using the principles used in this online curriculum.

A. Iris1 (An example of a "Top-Down" robot)

B. Bugbots (An example of a "Bottom-Up" robot)








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