Investigate Student Research Projects

The Mind Project began with a few modest student research projects -- like the Larry Learner artificial intelligence software project and the Iris.1 Robot Project back in the mid-90's. The robot and the AI software that students created for these two projects were so valuable in the classroom that they inspired more projects as well as the development of dozens of curriculum modules (built around these projects and other hands-on of activities).

Today we continue to encourage students and teachers to take on ambitious long-term projects which give students valuable research experience and that produce resources of value to students and teachers. For a list of current student research project and proposals for future projects visit the Research Page.

If you would like to partner with The Mind Project in a student research project please let use know. Depending upon the project, we might have resources (both financial and intellectual) to help you accomplish your goals. If you are interested in a collobarative project that brings together students and teachers from different institutions, even different countries, we might be able to help facilitate. Contact us with questions