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Matt Carlson

Affiliation:  Illinois State University (almost alumni)

Contribution to The Mind Project

Matt was the one of the first undergraduate cognitive science majors to make a huge impact on The Mind Project (originally called the PT-Project). He wrote much of the AI software for the early Iris robot project. He helped launch this project and for that we are very grateful.

Here is his description of the project: The project was to design and implement a machine learning program to play the game tic-tac-toe. This project has three main objectives, the development of a learning algorithm to play the game, a neural network to view the board, and use of robotics to draw and play the actual game. The first objective was to develop the game of tic-tac-toe using a paradigm known as instance-based or case-base learning. The program determines the best move by comparing prior experiences stored in memory to the current situation. The learning algorithm uses hard encoded rules of the game to help develop various levels of strategies. The next objective is to use a camera to view the game board. The camera will be placed above the game board and wired into a communications port. Once the neural network is able to distinguish between various movements and plays, the weights will be permanently stored in a data file and reloaded for each new game. The third objective is to incorporate robotics into the application. This will be accomplished by using the Robix RCS-6 DrawBot which will be able to draw and play the game.

Mind Project Participation

General Research Interests

Matt left ISU for California where he went to work for a company that makes computer games for linux. (If you know Matt, tell him to email us and tell us what he is doing now.)