To: Knight Rover Team
Re: New & revised Webpage Content

Almost every page that has anything to do with robotics (except for the "archives" of completed projects) has been entirely re-written or heavily modified. This starts with the Mind Project homepage and goes throughout the "Research" section.

While you do not need to read every page, I will be drawing your attention to all of the new pages so that you will know where to find things when you need them and so you can let me know when you think new material should be added or edits made.

The old homepage looked like this

Note: The two images in the middle of the homepage are randomly cycled through showing the picture/icon associated with two of our curriculum modules -- as a way to promote them.

old homepage

The new homepage has these changes

A description of each of the 7 new links (the "green arrows") will be described below


new homepage


LINKS 1-4 & 6

These are the main ones to look at. In one way or another they relate to our work in robotics.

[1] The main "Research" link

The "Research" link on the left menu bar just reproduces all of the links under the Research category, with a brief introduction to each. Knight Rover is one of those links.

[2] "intro to our robots" link

This is an entirely new version of this page. I decided to use this page to put our physical robot projects into the context of our main mission -- which is creating virtual robot labs and other interactive online content. There are three sections: I. = general robotics stuff. II = our two main foci "top-down" -- with a virtual lab and the 4 versions of the Iris robot and "bottom-up" -- with another virtual lab and the new Knight Rover robots (which will have the best of both worlds: bottom-up and top-down). And III = promoting your project with a little introduction and then a link to the main "knight rover page" (which is also link [3] below).

This is an important one to focus on
[3] "knight rover robotics"

This page is very similar to one that I created last year for the team that worked in the Spring of 2017. WE NEED TO UPDATE THIS PAGE. We have until March 18 when the TV show, that we can't talk about, will be premiering and our website may be mentioned on national television. There is a LINK on this page to what I am tentatively calling the "Knight Rover Dev Page"

This is an important one to focus on
[3a] "Knight Rover Dev Page"

Is this name okay? Over the years we have created a "dev" page for every module we have ever created. We used it to track our progress as we developed new content or new robots. Since we have other online tools for that now that John has created for us, this Dev page doesn't need to be nearly as detailed as the ones in the past were. We may want to use this as kind of "development highlights" page -- what we want other robot groups around the world to see. We need to decide what this page should be.

[5] "archive"

This is a record of our completed robotics projects (esp. the IRIS robots). You don't really need to get into the details of any of this -- I don't think it will help much for the current project. However, you might just skim through it for ideas about different categories and topics that we might use on the "knight rover homepage" and "knight rover dev page"

[6] Promotional box on the homepage for "knight rover"

This link goes to the page described in [3] above.

LINKS 5 & 7

These are new pages I have created that give an overview of our main virtual labs in ALL disciplines, not just robotics. You don't need to read these but since they are new pages I thought I'd point them out.

[5] "Teachers" and "K-12" and "College"

[7] Promotational box on the homepage for "Curriculum overview"

This gives a brief introduction to all of our virtual science labs