The Iris 1.1 Robot


Iris 1.1 is a complete rebuild of Iris 1. It has been updated to run on modern operating systems such as Windows XP and Vista. In the future, Iris 1.1 may have cross-platform support so that it is not limited to the Windows Operating system. In its current state, Iris 1.1 mainly consists of a robotic arm to interact with it's environment, a text-to-speech engine, and ProtoThinker.

Development Plans

Iris 1.1 is an active project and will be continuously updated. Current plans consist of adding a camera to the robot, allowing it to be able to recognize its environment using a vision system. Using this vision system, Iris will be able to regognize objects and manipulate them accordingly using the robotic arm.

Possible future plans include a Speech-To-Text Engine to give the overall interaction with Iris 1.1 a more natural feeling.


Iris 1.1 Full Install - This is a full install of both the runtime environment and the source code. It also contains an installer for a very easy setup.

Iris 1.1 Base Program - This consists of all of the programs you'll need to run Iris 1.1.

Iris 1.1 Source Code - This consisits of only the Iris 1.1 source code.

Building Iris 1.1


  • ProtoThinker

    Iris 1.1 uses ProtoThinker as it's primary artificial intelligence program. ProtoThinker consists of a natural language processor, deductive and some inductive inference capabilities, moral commitments and many other "cognitive" abilities.

  • Text-To-Speech

    Iris 1.1 uses an open source Text-To-Speech engine called MARY. Currently it uses Mary version 3.1, which has been modified to work within the Iris environment.


  • Robotic Arm

    The robotic arm Iris 1.1 uses to interact with its environment is made from Robix hardware.