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Darci J. Harland

Involvement:  Employee
Affiliation:  Illinois State University
  The MIND Project Curriculum Expert
  & Professional Development Coordinator

Contribution to The Mind Project

Darci taught high school biology/science and English for 12 years in the Illinois public schools. She has had various roles throughout her participation since 2004 when she joined The Mind Project Team. She has written storyboard curriculum for virtual labs, developed online quizzes, designed professional development materials for teachers who plan on using the virtual labs, written assessments for teachers and students who complete specific modules and produced online professional development podcasts.

Authored or Co-Authored Curriculum Modules

General Research Interests

Darci's research interests are in the field of Educational Technology and teaching research at the high school level. Current research is focused on the use of netbooks in the classroom, as well as the impact of high school students conducting independent research projects.


A Comparison of Blog and Final Papers Assessments
Publisher: Journal of Digital Learning in Teacher Education
Copyright Date: 2011

Deadlines: Planning a Long-term Research Project
Publisher: The Science Teacher
Copyright Date: 2012

STEM Student Research Handbook
Publisher: NSTA Press
Copyright Date: 2011

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