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David L. Anderson: Storyboards
Ajeet Gordhan: Author, Storyboards
Darci Harland: Storyboards
Elisa Palmer: Storyboards
Kevin Stewart: Animations, Artwork, Programming
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This module was funded by a Science Education Partnership Award (SEPA) #R25RR020425, supported by the National Center for Research Resources (NCRR), which is part of the National Institutes of Health (NIH).
Student Entry Links for Stroke Lab

Stroke Lab links for students

There are two different student entry pages for The Virtual Stroke Lab. Below is a description of each. This is a choice that we provide for teachers so that you have control of the version that students use. Do not have students come to this page, instead, copy and paste one of the URL's from below for them to use. Most teachers use version 01.

Student Entry 01: Flexible Version


This is the version that most teachers use. Student Entry 01 contains the two tutorials (Navigation and Overview). The link to The Virtual Stroke Lab takes them to the Flexible version of the lab. In the flexible version, after logging in, students can skip past section 1 to begin at section 2 or 3. Direct students to this entry page if it will take several computer sessions for students to complete the lab. For example: If you plan to teach the lab over two or more class periods, you can tell all the students on day two: “Last period we all made it through Section 1 of the lab. You may now “jump” to section 2.

Student Entry 02: Basic Version


Student Entry 02 also contains the Navigation Tutorial as well as the Overview tutorial. What makes this entry page different from 01, is that it takes students to the basic version of The Virtual Stroke Lab. In the Basic version, students must complete the lab in one browser session. If they close out of their browser they will have to start from the beginning. Direct students to this entry page if you do not want them to be able to skip ahead, and if they will have time to complete the lab in one sitting.













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